5 Digital skills that can earn you money in 2019

These are hard times but yes we can still survive.. Yes we can still thrive - One-eyed Visionary

With the year 2019 currently in its full flow, it begs the question “Is your cash flow currently in its full flow”. To some the answer is a “Yes” to a large chunk it’s a question of “Maybe” or a clear, resounding “No”.

In this article, we aim to show you top digital skills that you can learn that can earn you money in 2019.

Pre-notion: “ This article is focused towards Non-Technical People who want to take advantage of the Digital wave prevalent in  the world nowadays with a view of becoming digitally relevant and earning some money”

1. Mastery Of Microsoft Office Tools

Yes, this might seem very obvious. For you as a non-technical person we would recommended that you learn and master the common Microsoft Office tools with primary emphasis on the Text Document Processing Tool (Microsoft Word), their Analytics Tool (Microsoft Excel) and their Presentation Tool (Microsoft PowerPoint)

The mastery of these tools gives you a major advantage over those who do not have this knowledge. There are diverse ways you can earn money with the mastery of office tools. Some are;
  1. Offer to help people type their documents at affordable rates using Microsoft word
  2. Offer to help people design their presentation documents using Microsoft PowerPoint
  3. Offer to help people do basic accounting in their business  using the spreadsheet application called Microsoft Excel

There are numerous businesses in most developing countries based off the mastery of Microsoft Office tools and the advantage to it is that it has little or no barrier to entry.

Download Link: https://products.office.com/en/get-office-oem-download-page

2. Horn your design skills

If you are a creative person or you have a knack for identifying beautiful things, then you can make money by learning how to design. You see there is a lot of money in the design industry and if you can get to become a proficient designer, the sky is the limit to your earnings.

You could garner knowledge of digital design via Design Boot camps, YouTube Videos, Digital Design courses etc.

This digital skill typically has a low barrier to entry and can be a good choice for you if you intend to horn you innate design skills

  1. Search for digital Design Courses on Udemy (https://www.udemy.com)
  2. Download Corel Draw (https://www.coreldraw.com/en/free-trials/?topNav=en) or Photoshop (https://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/free-trial-download.html)
  3. Design Bootcamp: https://www.schoolofmotion.com/design-bootcamp
3. Get Internet Savvy & Create content

With popular free blogging platforms like Blogger ( https://www.blogger.com) and WordPress(https://www.wordpress.org) you can create online content that your intended audience can read through. The core pre-requisite to this is that you must become internet savvy and understand the trends that you intended audience are interested in.

There are diverse ways of making money through blogging, some are;
  1. Sell your non-digital products to your audience through your blog
  2. Allow for advertisement to your audience through Google Ads
  3. Become a part of an affiliate network
4. Podcast

You can earn a lot of money by creating Podcast and shows. Your Podcast could discuss topical issues that your intended audience are willing to hear. You could earn money will still doing what you love.

You can start you Podcast by following the steps provided in the link below https://lifehacker.com/how-to-start-your-own-podcast-1709798447. This article gives insights into how you can easily get into the Podcast business.

You can make earnings by
  1. Creating content that people are interested in which drives traffic which you can monetize
  2. You can seek for Podcast sponsorship from companies or organizations that are directly affected by the effects of your podcast

You can air your podcast via libsyn( https://www.libsyn.com/) or Soundcloud ( https://soundcloud.com )

5. Vlogging

Vlogging is a short word for video blogging. This is quite popular nowadays. You can easily start video blogging with very little digital literacy. Vlogging is a potential income earner for most people and the most common place for Vlogging is YouTube ( https://www.youtube.com) although you can create your own video blog

You can learn to create a channel (https://www.youtube.com/create_channel) and show video content to your intended audience. YouTube is free to create a channel so you can get started right away without any delay.

You can make money video blogging by
  1. Generating traffic which you can in turn monetize
  2. Sell your non-digital products to your audience through your video blog
  3. Generate money through online advertisement
  4. You can seek for Video blogging sponsorship from companies or organizations that are directly affected by the effects of your Video Blog



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