6 Ways You Can Make Money While Staying At Home

Nothing can be better than getting work done from the house, making money and still having extra time to spend at home with your kids.

To most people, this is a myth as the financial demands needed for running a home are quite enormous and most times require even more than a full time job.

However, there are new and modern ways for you to earn a bit of extra cash to supplement the family budget without leaving the house or sacrificing time with your kids. According to a 2018 research conducted it was discovered that many people make a significant chunk of their earnings from home, in this article we would show you 10 money-making opportunities that can be pursued directly from the home that does not affect the time spent with your kids at home or when the attention demands of your kids are not at their all-time high.

Below are 6 ways to make money while staying at home.

1. Giving your opinions on Companies Product and Survey

You can make a lot of money by completing online surveys. The best part of it is that these surveys are very simple to complete and can be done from home. A couple of well-known and legitimate survey sites are;

  1. Swagbucks:  https://www.swagbucks.com/
  2. Toluna: https://uk.toluna.com
  3. OnePoll: https://www.onepoll.com/

The nice part about this is that there is no cost required to when signing up.

2. Make money from your own Pictures

If you’re beautiful, photogenic or skilled with a camera. You can easily make some cool cash by taking pictures of yourself and selling / sharing it on stock photography websites such as

  1. Shutterstock: https://www.shutterstock.com
  2. iStock: https://www.istockphoto.com/
3. Create a blog

There are quite a number of free blogging platforms, the most common being WordPress (http://www.wordpress.org). With this, you can create exciting contents and use the free Google Adsense advertisement service ( https://www.google.com/adsense/ ) to generate income while staying at home. You could also generate income if your blog drives traffic and then you blog can be implicitly used as a source of affiliate marketing for other websites such as eBay and Amazon.

4. Become a freelance Editor

Say you love writing but you don’t want to do it full time, picking up a freelance editorial position would generate some income on the side. Some of these companies in search of freelance editors pay per word whereas some pay per hour.

Some very popular editorial sites that you can act as a freelance editor are;

  1. TextBroker : http://www.textbroker.com
  2. Freelance Writing: http://www.freelancewriting.com
5. Be a Virtual office Assistant

Say you are excellent in customer relations and/ or you are multi-lingual. You could easily act up as a virtual office assistant helping businesses to engage with their customers in a bid to achieve organizational goals.

Nowadays Virtual Office Assistant roles are very prevalent and some are quite high-paying depending on your expertise and experience. A few places to check for virtual office assistant roles are;

  1. Upwork: http://www.upwork.com
  2. Freelancer: http://www.freelancer.com
6. Tutor Student

Becoming a personal tutor is easy nowadays in the internet age, if you have some academic specialty and can impact knowledge on struggling students you can easily make some substantial income. The most popular websites in this category are

  1. Tutor: http://www.tutor.com
  2. Teachable: http://www.teachable.com

There a numerous ways to make money while staying at home and having time for your kids. We hope this article sets you in the right path when it comes to making money directly from your comfort zone.

Have a blast.

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