All that glitters is gold: Impact

It’s an all too well known adage “All that glitters is not gold”.  Well this is true in one context but absolutely wrong if your aim is to become truly financially independent in Today’s world. Let me explain;

This is the second part of the Series: All that glitters is gold. You could check out the first part here (provide a link to the first article).


For starters, I would love to clarify a few things prior to reading this article;
  1. This article does not aim to foster and/or support illegalities and under no circumstance should you do anything that contradicts the law of the country you reside.
  2. This article aims to bring a new ideology and conceptualization to becoming truly financially independent and represent the views and opinions of the author of this article. We therefore do not accept any responsibility for misinterpretation.
  3. This article is a result of several years of practice   and usage by the author and would be provided as-is hence should not be seen as a magical scheme to financial independence and are not bound my any misdemeanor or legal entities.

Phewwww! With that out of the way. Let’s continue.


Impacting the world around you

A popular adage is often quoted as “You would make millions if you impact millions”. 

Now that you have built the correct mindset, you are no longer having the “Bad Mindset” or the “Unlike Me Mindset”. (Refer to part 1: The mindset). I believe that by now, you have newer set of ideologies that go in tandem with achieving true financial stability ( Refer to Part 2: Newer Ideologies). I also believe that by now you know that opportunities abound and are always available to people who can sniff those opportunities, by this I mean the solution-creators not the problem-seers.

The next and final line in your quest to true financial freedom is action. These pieces of advice that have been broken down into steps are worthless if you don’t perform any action on them.  You should start creating solutions for your immediate environment and consequently creating an impact in your local environment. You could start by creating simplistic, easy to use and easy to understand solutions for the common problems you have.

Yes I know, this involves a lot of thinking you say, well that is the sacrifice for true financial stability “Thinking and Creativity”. Create something that can be used by people to reduce the challenges they face and you create a potential income stream for yourself.

Here is a step by step guide into impacting the world around you
  1. Identify common problems (Start with one and only one problem at a time).
  2. Think of a creative solution that can alleviate the pains of the people encountering such problems
  3. Create a unique solution to that problem
  4. Tell people about your solution and how it helps solve their problem ( could be through advertisement and/or word-of-mouth)
  5. Make the solution cost friendly.
  6. Consistently listen to people’s feedback on how your solution can be improved
  7. Consistently improve your solution while looking for newer ways to solve the problem (people’s problems are not static, your solution shouldn’t be too).

To become truly financially independent you must consistently try to solve other people’s problems. With this you will position yourself for achieving greatness and doing exploits.


You see “All that glitters is gold” solve other people’s problems you can achieve true financial independence.

Till I see you next time… “Impact millions and make millions” and remember “All that glitters is Gold”

This concludes the final part of a four-part article tagged “All that glitters is gold”

Stay True.


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