All that glitters is gold: Opportunities Abound.

It’s an all too well known adage “All that glitters is not gold”.  Well this is true in one context but absolutely wrong if your aim is to become truly financially independent in Today’s world. Let me explain;

This is the third part of the Series: All that glitters is gold. You could check out the first and second parts here (provide a link to the first article).


For starters, I would love to clarify a few things prior to reading this article;
  1. This article does not aim to foster and/or support illegalities and under no circumstance should you do anything that contradicts the law of the country you reside.
  2. This article aims to bring a new ideology and conceptualization to becoming truly financially independent and represent the views and opinions of the author of this article. We therefore do not accept any responsibility for misinterpretation.
  3. This article is a result of several years of practice   and usage by the author and would be provided as-is hence should not be seen as a magical scheme to financial independence and are not bound my any misdemeanor or legal entities.

Phewwww! With that out of the way. Let’s continue.

The Acts

Opportunities Abound

Look everywhere, there are two things generic to every situation, and they are Problems and Potential Solutions. You these two things are in tandem all the time and the go hand in hand. For you to become a truly financially stable individual you must take advantage of these problem-solution relationship and seize opportunities as they are abundant.

Truly financially stable people are people that solve the problems of others and receive a reward (which is usually in form of payments) for such solutions. By this I mean truly financially independent persons are problems solvers.

Just look around you, the world is not perfect and therein in lies potential opportunities that when seized, financial stability can be achieved. You see every glimmer of opportunity is a form of glitter that if unearthed will become massive gold.  You see “Every glitter is gold”. It only begs the questions, do you see tahe glitter? Do you see potential Gold? Or is all you see just dust and sands.

You have to be mentally alert to situations around you. You have to see every situation, scenario as an opportunity to channel to your advantage. Do you see problems? Or do you see solutions? Financial Stability stems from being creative enough to harness opportunities around you. You have to be able to sniff opportunities as they present themselves. Here is a quick questionnaire that would highlight your perspective as either a problem-seer or a solution-creator.

  1. Do you observe situations common in your local environment that you also experience?
  2. What is your attitude towards this situation? Do you linger and hope for a change , ignore or try to solve the problem
  3. Do you get excited when people tell you of their problems or do you simply compliment them?
  4. Have you ever looked for simpler solutions to common problems around you or do you simply expect that Government to charge?
  5. Are you sentimental in religious beliefs pertaining to challenges in your local community or do you tend to take charge of situation with a view of providing corrective fixes?
  6. Are you a risk taker or do you like to play it safe.

To become truly financially independent you must firstly break away from the shackles of just simply seeing problems rather you should start creating simple noteworthy solutions for which people can identify you with and of course pay homage to you for. With this you will position yourself for achieving greatness and doing exploits.

You see “All that glitters is gold” when you’re able to sniff and act of impulse solving challenges people have and encounter, with this you can achieve  true financial independence.

Till I see you next time… Opportunities are everywhere you just have to seize them remember “All that glitters is Gold”

This concludes the third part of a four part article tagged “All that glitters is gold” …

Stay True.

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