All that glitters is gold: The Mindset 

It’s an all too well known adage “All that glitters is not gold”.  Well this is true in one context but absolutely wrong if your aim is to become truly financially independent in Today’s world. Let me explain;


For starters, I would love to clarify a few things prior to reading this article;

  1. This article does not aim to foster and/or support illegalities and under no circumstance should you do anything that contradicts the law of the country you reside.
  2. This article aims to bring a new ideology and conceptualization to becoming truly financially independent and represent the views and opinions of the author of this article. We therefore do not accept any responsibility for misinterpretation.
  3. This article is a result of several years of practice   and usage by the author and would be provided as-is hence should not be seen as a magical scheme to financial independence and are not bound my any misdemeanor or legal entities.

Phewwww! With that out of the way. Let’s get started.

The Mindset

Many a time in the magazines you read or it could be in the news you hear of a millionaire that has just purchased a big mansion in the location of your dreams. Your simple intuition does one of these three things;

  1. Try to trivialize the achievement most times ascribing it to crime.
Have you ever found yourself saying this?
  1. Young boys of nowadays, who knows what he does that made him acquire such. He could be a fraudster for all I care.
  2. That Lady, can’t you see how she is dressed she’s possibly a corporate prostitute. How else could she acquire that kind of money
  3. That Man, he may be involved in blood money, ritualism or what have you. No one can work for his money and then spend it like that lavishly. I bet he’s into rituals.
  4. “Money is the root of all evil”. I’ll rather not have money that won’t give me peace of mind

Let me burst your bubble, if you have this type of mindset. You would never be financially independent. When you encounter someone that appears financially more stable than you do you get on the defensive? Do you react or counter-react. Do you start loathing the person? This is the first of the three mindsets which is called the BAD MINDSET. You see people with the bad mindset never achieve financial freedom because they don’t respond to the challenge of financial freedom and independence rather they get defensive and look for ways to trivialize such feat and achievements

  1. Worship these personalities and deep down identify that you can never achieve this
Have you ever found yourself saying things like this?
  1. His father, is very rich. Wealth grows in the family. Unlike me.
  2. She is lucky, She lives in a country and/or state where are skills and ideas are appreciated. Unlike me.
  3. He had a stable childhood, all things went smoothly for him. Unlike me.

Do you see a trend here… Every of these questions ended with the phrase “Unlike me”.  If you have the mindset you are barely envious of successful people but are not reactive to your present situation. While you are not defensive and/or loathe these people. You simply do nothing. You don’t even give yourself an opportunity to react. If I were to be frank with you, I would say you have even lost the battle before its commencement.  This is the second of the three mindsets which is called the “UNLIKE ME MINDSET”.  You see people with the “Unlike me” mindset always feel they are a weaker specie, a part of a lesser privileged group of individuals that must serve and/or worship individuals that have become financially stable. You find them doing menial jobs, settling for less in life and yes and most importantly not reaching their achievable potential. For me this is the worst of the three mindsets. You’ve heard the adage

 “Envy is the coward side of hate… and all her ways are bleak and desolate “

Henry Abbey

  1. Get inspired and see this feat as achievable.
Have you ever found yourself saying this things?
  1. If she can achieve this I can do better, I am better qualified and hence I can be better.
  2. This is an eye opener let me research on his methodologies for wealth creation and see where it could be applicable to me and my work.
  3. It’s time to stop procrastinating and it’s time to start doing. It’s time for action not words.

Do you see something different here? Only a few people have this mindset. If you have this mindset you don’t see the infomercial as a death striking blow to your life and/or career rather you see it as a new gem that would raise your weakened and wane spirit and quicken it for action. You are not defensive about the situation rather you react to the situation and respond positively to the situation. This is the hardest of the three mindsets and it is likewise the only mindset that can bring you true financial freedom and independence. This mindset brings about the competitive nature in you and has the potential to drive you to your desired potential.

To become truly financially independent you must firstly break away from the shackles ofBad mindset andUnlike me Mindset”. You must position yourself for achieving greatness and doing exploits.


You see “All that glitters is gold” and with the correct mindset you can achieve true financial independence.

Till I see you next time… Build the right mindset and remember “All that glitters is Gold”

This concludes the first part of a four part article tagged All that glitters is gold”…

Stay True.

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