Becoming a social media entrepreneur (Part 1)

Building network and wealth through social media platforms. 


With the advent of social media platforms, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube etc.  The wealth creation game has changed significantly. Social media has changed the way we live our lives and hence it has become succinctly clear that interactions among people has been changed forever.


Social media interactions and platforms have come to stay, gradually progressing from services that offer real time communication to fully fledged business tools. Gradually, the number of businesses successfully built on social media has continued to grow has the years have passed. No longer is the social media platform a place to meet a new friend rather it has become a place to meet new customers for your own business

How does this relate to creating wealth?

So how does this affect the wealth creation game you ask? A recently conducted statistical work shows that there has been a 56% increase in millionaires between the ages of 16 through 65   since the early 2000’s and about 69% of these millionaires are social media entrepreneurs with a meager 13%  from real estate closing up in second place.

What does this mean to me?

What this means to you is that, now more than ever is it easier to become a millionaire especially through social media. And as more and more people begin to engage in social media platforms therein lies the possibility of unearthing the next generation of highly successful social media entrepreneurs.

The Numbers 

A 2019 statistics shows the following

  1. Facebook accounts for over 2 Billion Monthly Active Users.
  2. Instagram boasts of over 1 Billion Monthly Active Users.
  3. WhatsApp claims to have over 1.5 Billion Monthly Active Users.
  4. YouTube boasts of over 2 Billion Monthly Active Users..
  5. Twitter and LinkedIn both claim to have over 200 Million Monthly Active Users.

This means if you are not using these numbers to your advantage then you’re most likely a long way from your path to success.

How do I benefit from these?

1.The Mindset

Firstly you have to change your mindset, it all starts from the mindset. The world has become a global village and hence communications have become border-less this means that you can easily  and successfully communicate, transact and have business dealings with people you have not seen or known. The reality is that the world has gone digital, it becomes important for you to move your traditional business to the digital world

2. Start thinking of Digitally Oriented Ideas

Do away with analog ideas, or at least ideas that you can immediately see how they can be digitized, the main advantage of digitization and the entire social media frenzy is the ability to scale your business to a broader audience. It implicitly makes no sense if your current ideas has no potential for scale or at least a potential to grow past your current scope of thought.

3. Take advantage of the crowd

The numbers show why there have been so many social media entrepreneurs, social media guarantees a larger reach and a bigger audience from all works of life and hence it could have serious benefits if properly harnessed.

One thing for sure is that there are more people on social media than your local business can ever service.

It’s the best to become a social media entrepreneur, it’s the easiest time to create wealth.

Now that we have justified the reasons why social media is the current big thing, in the part two of these article series we would show you how to build a social media business that can drive traction across borders.


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