Break away from poverty mindset

Most successful people have long believed their mindset is a powerful factor in their success or failure which science research increasingly agrees. It is this power of the mind to focus and visualize what it is you must do, to create the realities you desire, that is perhaps THE most important mindset of all. It’s all start in the mind and at some level they are absolutely correct. Your believe over the years have kept you from financial success in life. It’s time to start developing foundation for financial prosperity.

Do you tell yourself?

  • I work so hard and I still can't make ends meet
  • I'll never be able to afford a vacation.
  • I'll take what I can get for this project, even if it's not my full rate.
  • You don't understand what it's like to struggle; it's the story of my life!

Do any of these statements, or some form of them, sound familiar? Do they sound like you?
Consider this: Engaging in limiting thoughts limits your ability to succeed. No longer are such statements based on hypothetical schools of thought. We have endless scientific studies that tell us how thought patterns influence our health and well-being.

"We become what we think about all day long." --Ralph Waldo Emerson

So why engage in a constant stream of negativity? Old habits are hard to break, aren't they? If you were raised in a household filled with negative reminders about lack and limited resources or criticisms of the wealthy, you have most likely carried your learned beliefs and behaviors into adulthood. These learned responses are embedded in your brain and repeat themselves like an old, broken record; a constant reminder of your limitations. The poverty mindset is one of the most common; after all, we all know that money doesn't grow on trees! So if we have this en-grained 'knowledge' telling us that we can never succeed financially, how do we erase it? Depending on the degree of intensity, the solutions range from changing habits all the way. Below are some suggestions ranging from easy to more aggressive approaches. Try any combination to see what works for you.

"Change your thoughts and you change your world."--Norman Vincent Peale

- Change your environment

Your environment is everything. It shapes your mind about life and money. If you are behind your computer all day long, searching for a solution, try a walk in nature instead. Begin your day by letting your thoughts go and allowing the calming effects of nature to soak in. As an added bonus, the exercise also helps eliminate stress.

-Don’t Speak The Language of Poverty

How many hours do we spend in school learning financial wisdom? Zero! So where do  you get financial literacy from? From other adults, mainly your parents. If your parent spent foolishly, their actions taught you to spend foolishly. If your parents spent wisely, you would gravitate towards wisdom in finances. Some of us grew up with the language of poverty that sounds like “ we can‟t afford it” or we don‟t have money or  ‟that is for rich people, not us.” All those statements are victimized, poverty statements. Change your language and change your financial future.

- Connect with positive people.

Instead of constantly commiserating others who are in a negative place, seek out the company of people with a positive, uplifting attitude about success and wealth. Observe their language, including their body language. Mimic the tone and body language and notice how much better it feels to you.

Choose one or two affirmations or positive statements that really resonate with you and recite them throughout your day.

Make sure you 'stair step' your affirmations; if you can barely meet your monthly financial obligations, using an affirmation like 'I am a magnet for wealth and prosperity' might not feel too uplifting; you simply won't believe it.
Try starting with 'I choose to pay my bills with ease and gratitude' and 'graduate' to stronger statements as your energy moves in a positive direction. Affirmations can actually change your brain chemistry. I tell myself every day I can never be broke or get stranded, before I know it I get a call for a contract to be executed by me and I make money. This has worked for me over the years.

- Start saving money.

Even if you are struggling put away what you can. Make empowering choices with your money instead of creating more debt by buying things that make you feel better in the moment . Apart from the normal savings in the bank
which I advise should be at least ten percent of your income before taking care of any other expense .You can also have a wooden box where you can save your change or other spare money. It's really fun to watch it add up and creates a sense of control over finances. I began these practice years ago and still do it just for fun!

-Stay away from unhealthy Competition

I observe a lot of poor people despite being financially incapacitated they still go a long way to impress people. I call this inferiority complex, they go from debt to debt each month and can afford to do an elaborate birthday party for a two year old toddler, they are the ones that will first buy aso ebi for any party, have two, three cars in a rented apartment, no savings, no investment who exactly are they competing with? To get out of poverty mentality, stop impressing people and start building your finances.

- Appreciate your current wealth

Make a list of the good stuff in your life. Are you surrounded by people you love? Do you have a house, car and other things you enjoy? What do you feel fortunate to have in your life? Place more emphasis on what you DO
have and as your energy lifts you will attract more of it.

- Expand your thinking

If your current business model isn't working and you are stuck in a rut of negative thought you would benefit from a coaching or mentoring relationship. Our ability to create and think out of the box is limited when we are in the poverty mindset loop. How long have you been waiting for your business to become profitable? If it's not working something obviously has to change and you need an outside influence to help you see the possibilities. Look for programs that you are willing to invest in and understand that it is an investment in YOU. Getting rich staying rich group is here to help you.

- Create psychological change

 If your poverty mindset is deeply embedded think back to where and when it started. Are there specific events in your life that have 'taught' you that you cannot be financially successful? Odds are that there are. When these belief systems are deeply embedded, all of the positive thinking and exercise in the world may not erase them. Consistent negative feedback embeds itself in our nervous system and when our environment or an event triggers the release of certain neurotransmitters, or chemicals, it can lead to depression, fatigue and much more.

Most importantly, decide to change. Understand that you don't have to be stuck in this place
and, instead, take empowering action. Once you make that decision your mind will be open to the solutions and they will present themselves. No matter what your circumstances are you do have choices. What choice feels the most empowering to you?
Make a wise choice today.

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