Financial Freedom Is a Choice, Not a Coincidence

Some few days ago I was relaxing with some friends and associates in a garden. While feasting with them, I saw one of my friends so moody and dejected, I further asked her why and all of her worries is that herself and her husband have been going in and out of debt. She knows how I help young people believe they can actually choose financial freedom.

We talked for a few minutes about money and how hard it is to learn how to manage it.Then she said something funny.“Well, it’s not like I’ll ever be financially free or whatever, but I’d like to at least get out of debt,” she said.And that made me really sad.
She said she needs a better job to get out of debt. She is a graduate teaching in a nursery school that pays N15, 000.00 every month.

This woman had already told herself the lie that she could never reach a place with money where she felt free. Where she felt at peace. She is in her early thirties, but she had already settled for a financially burdened life.
Like so many of us.We think that financial freedom is a coincidence or comes as a result of being lucky.  We think it either happens to you or it doesn’t. You’re lucky enough to find it or you don’t. Capital NO
Financial freedom is a choice. We are all a product of our choice. I told you earlier of my graduate friend who works as a teacher in a Nursery school and earns 15k a month. Let me tell you the story of my baby’s Nanny, I met her when my first daughter was seven months old in a nursery school in my community where they pay her as a cleaner and crèche nanny for N10, 000.00 along the line I had a job that keeps me late, and I told her since you live close to my house I will pay additional N10, 000.00 to keep my baby in your place till 6.00p.m. Somehow because of that the school Proprietress sacked her and I started taking my baby to her place, her house is very neat and she is very passionate with kids within a span of 0ne year she now has twelve kids and also an employer of Labour, because she now have assistant while making N120,000.00 monthly, she is just a Primary School holder but she understands her environment and make a choice of not looking for another school which pays
N10, 000.00 but having her own crèche where she makes N120,000.00 monthly.
Financial freedom isn’t something that happens to you, it’s something that you actively choose. What Helps You Achieve Financial Freedom I know that sounds weird to say. That you just choose it. After all, if you could just choose to be financially free, wouldn’t you?
But that’s not exactly what I’m talking about.

Choice Is The Only Consistent Variable
Even if you are a trust fund baby or won the lottery, making choices is still a major factor in the equation.
As I’m sure you know, tons of people win the lottery and go bankrupt a few years later.
And there are plenty of people who inherit the family business and run it into the ground.
There are also lots of kids whose parents paid for college, helped them get a nice place to live, and set them up for future success and yet the kids can’t even hold down a decent job.
You may even know people like this.
But we don’t always remember. We have a tendency to focus on our lack of natural skills or luck compared with these people. We forget that they can still make choices that screw everything up. But just like choices that screw it all up, there are people who make choices that move them forward.
In fact, every person in the entire history of the world who is financially successful did so by making positive financial decisions. They did it, by choosing to take small actions every day that set them up for success.
No matter where they started on the path, they chose to spend less than they earned, invest wisely, and not go into debt.

They chose to work hard for their money and spend it on the things that truly mattered to them.
Regardless of your starting situation in life, the choices you make always matter. It’s the only variable that stays consistent across all forms of financial success.
William Jennings Bryan said it best:
Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.

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