Four Businesses you can start with little or no capital

This is 2019, there are a lot of money making ventures that you can undertake that can generate quite a substantial amount for you and your family, that require little or no capital.


This article solely focuses on ways that you as a person can generate some money using existing skills. And the contents of this article are solely the thoughts and opinions of the author and are presented as-is and therefore bears no legal penalty for any misinterpretation that may occur during the perusal or reading of this article.


The truth is there are no “Get Rich Easy” schemes most that pretend to exist only tend to throw people into a down spiral of scam, exploitation and potential penury. In this article I would focus on four businesses that you can start with very little or no capital at all;

1.Driver on Demand

Due to the prevalence of “On-Demand” services, becoming a Driver on demand is quite a lucrative job nowadays. This could take two folds.

  1. You already own a car: This is the easier approach as a large chunk of the profits go to you. Also you can control how long you work and how best to maintain your vehicle
  2. Get a car on a lease: This is particularly common if you don’t have a car, here you tend to share your profits with the car owner. But of course its way better than sitting at home doing nothing and if you’re diligent enough, you can easily become a car owner soon.
There are diverse driver on demand applications that you could use (or combine). Some are

Once you’ve fulfilled their requirements, you can start making money. Easy eh!

2. Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping is the true emblem of making money without having capital. With Drop Shipping you don’t need to have a store or buy some products like traditional “buying and selling” instead you only get goods from the manufacturer and deliver it to the buyer when there is a demand for it and get a commission on the sale.

Note: For you to be an effective drop shipper. You must;
  1. Identify what people are demanding for
  2. Identify what people are willing to pay for
  3. Know how to set your profit margins ( Don’t be too greedy)
  4. Know how to market to your target audience on social media ( Facebook, Instagram , YouTube,  Twitter ).
  5. Be reliable and trustworthy with the manufacturers and your customers.
You can easily get started with drop shipping on the following platforms
  1. Shopify :
  2. Doba:
  3. Oberlo:
  4. Dropship Direct:
2. Food On Demand

Have you got a knack for cooking delicious meals? If yes then you might just have a new opportunity to generate substantial income with little or no capital. If you reside in an urban area where they are so many busy people. You could offer to make food and deliver it to the doorstep of these busy professionals at a convenient and affordable rate (of course you have to make sure you’re making a profit that can sustain you and the business)

To get started with this business model. You must;
  1. Know how to cook delicious meals
  2. Know how to cook a variety of meals
  3. Know how to balance cost of materials with the price to charge the customer ( Don’t be greedy)
  4. Ensure that food gets delivered on time.
  5. Ensure that you can maintain a general sense of cleanliness and food quality
4. Become a Digital Marketer

You have a lot of friends on Facebook or Instagram or any other social media for that matter, it’s time to put that to good use. You can become a digital marketer using your social media savvy to earn money for yourself. You can offer individual and companies to help them build their brands using your social media savvy and get paid for it. Usually the pay is quite substantial and you can make money while doing the things you love the most.

To get started becoming a digital marketer. You must
  1. Have a knack for social media
  2. Be social
  3. Be open to discussions  and meeting people and new ideas
  4. Be engaging

Now that I have told you of four practical ways through which you can make money without or with little capital. I hope you get into the foray of making money.

From hence on now, have a nice day

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