Half year Salary? Not on Wedding Bash!

Most people are always extremely excited when getting married and go a long way to spend their six months’ salary or even life savings to throw a big wedding bash.

Yes the wedding is important but not as important as the marriage itself.

I know of some marriages where couples or their parents spent millions of dollars on the wedding party and few months or two weeks later the marriage crashes.

All the money spent is gone. Some go all the way having a list of a thousand guests or more, spending on decorations, wedding gown worth thousands of dollars which can only be worn in a single day to exotic food and drinks.

Who exactly do you want to impress? Who are you competing with?

I have heard stories where couples run into debt because of wedding party and after the whole event is very difficult for them to eat three square meals.

If you are preparing for a wedding ceremony, birthday bash or child christening, in my own part of the world we also celebrate funerals by throwing expensive parties, is high time you came out of impressing others syndrome.

If you think your party is the most elaborate today, you see others with more elaborate one tomorrow. So who are you impressing or competing with?

Few years ago, I made such mistake of throwing an elaborate wedding party, after the party nobody came to thank me after for the exotic food and drinks, they even got souvenirs.

The money I spent for that wedding as of then, was able to buy a land in high brow area in the city of Abuja in Nigeria, which value is now ten times more after six years wedding anniversary.

Anytime I pass through the area, I have a feeling of regret and say to myself “why didn’t I have a good mentor then?” I could have invested some of the money I spent on that wedding party then.

I am even fortunate that my marriage is still standing and I now know better, what about those whose marriages have collapsed or one of the spouses die few months or years after the wedding.

Dear Readers, embrace the savings and investing culture, no matter be any situation you find yourself, always save for your retirement because you can’t work forever. You get to a stage in life; the strength is no longer there to work.

God forbid after the wedding, you are sacked from that 8a.m to 5p.m job what you will fall back on after you have spent all your savings on a day event.

Ways  you can save on wedding party
Number of guests

Save money with the number of guests, you don’t need a thousand or even an hundred number of guests to attend your wedding party, with a few family and friends you are good to go the more the number of guests the more the expenses incurred.

  • Shorten the wedding-planning timeline. Don’t wait a year to get married and it will be easier to simplify the wedding. “A recent trend I’ve seen is that couples are saving money by planning a more last-minute wedding, rather than the traditional 11-month run-up,” says Alan Fields, coauthor of Bridal Bargains: Secrets to Throwing a Fantastic Wedding on a Realistic Budget. “The shorter time horizon will force you to streamline and keep you, by necessity, from getting sucked into the vortex of elaborate weddings.”
The Date
  • Schedule the wedding in off-peak times.When there’s less competition for dates, you can have more negotiating power. “You can shave 20 to 30 percent off the cost of a wedding by planning it for November, or January through March―except for Valentine’s Day,” says Fields.
  • Choose any day other than Saturday. "That’s the most popular day to marry," says Anna Post, author of Do I Have to Wear White?
The Venue 
  • Consider choosing a nontraditional venue. “Where you have the wedding often drives the cost,” says Fields. Rather than a dedicated wedding reception hall or country club, check out less expensive facilities, from city-run spaces like zoos and civic gardens to restaurants or more offbeat locations that have some meaning for you, from a beach to your parents’ yard.
The Wedding Dress
  • Shop designer or sample sales. Find out the dates of well-known annual sales at places like Filene’s, where you might snag a $2,000 dress for $249, Consider renting or borrowing a dress.“Or buy one secondhand,” Post says. Chances are, it’s only been worn once! Look on eBay or craigslist for postings. Oftentimes, if the bride changes her mind about her dress or has to postpone the wedding, you might be able to score a deal on a never-been-worn gown.
The Food 
  • Buy in bulk and look for an affordable caterer services and buy drinks from whole sales stores.
The Wedding Cake 
  • Add finishing touches yourself.“The cost of a wedding cake is all about the labor,” says Naylor, “so forget sugar-paste flowers or matching the lace from your gown in fondant.” Instead, try using real lace or satin ribbon wrapped around each layer. It costs almost nothing; just pin it on and it looks lovely. Or use a few real flowers here and there, scattered artistically. Also, go low, says Fields: “The more height, the more money―it takes more labor to build a taller cake.”
  • Have a small cake. You can have a wonderfully decorated, yet smaller cake on display that’s used for cutting, and then have a sheet cake in the kitchen for serving.
The Photographer and Videographer 

Debra McClinton

  • Try a less-expensive package. "Photographers usually offer packages based on the hours they’ll work," says Naylor. To buy a less expensive (shorter) package, she suggests, “do your at-home, getting-ready pictures as candids. Cut the cake early so you can release the on-the-clock shooters, and let your guests supplement your album with candids.”
  • Talk to former brides. To help you decide whether you’re really going to need the 1,000-picture package or whether 500 will do, find people “with similar sensibilities to yours and see what their experience was,” says Naylor.
  • Consider hiring a photography-school student. Make sure you check out his or her portfolio, with examples of portraits. Though, Fields says, “it can cut the bill in half,” it’s not worth the savings if photos aren’t in focus.

Finally always keep in mind that the wedding party is not an opportunity to show off and is not as important as the marriage itself.



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