How To Use What You Have (PART 1)

What do you want?

What do you want in life? Do you have a cherished goal or ambition? A fat bank  account, a fancy car, a nice house? While you can’t get literally everything in life, it is certainly possible to aim high, dream, and achieve a lot. You will have to form a clear plan, act, and show commitment, discipline, and a sense of purpose, though. Your dreams won’t come true through wishful thinking.

Assess your wants and desires. The first step is to know what you want in life. We’re not just talking about material objects but goals, achievement and feelings. Look inside and ask yourself what it is that you most desire. Until a particular point in my life I don’t really know what I wanted, all I said is I want to be extremely rich and own many houses and cars which were not specific.

Ask what it is that you want in life and what is most important to you. Try writing down your answers as they come, without assessing them.

Be specific as possible in your stating what you want. “I want a lot of money” is a start, but I want to be financially secure and retire by age 50” is more specific and better.

Are your desires achievable? Are they realistic? Are they about you? They will need to be. You might have a good job, but can you manage to retire early? How would you do so?

Focus on what is most important and attainable. Let’s be real: you probably cannot achieve everything you want in life at once. Cars, fabulous riches, luxuries- it would simply take too much effort and divide your energies. Focus on what is most important to you; give that your full effort.

Look again at your list of wants and desires and reassess it. What is at the top? Is your desire for financial security and to retire early really what you want most out of life?

Ask yourself again whether it is doable. Are you sure that you can manage this goal or are you simply setting yourself up for failure?

How to get it?

 What do you  have inside you?

The common wisdom is that in order to be a success, you have to have certain advantages:

knowing the right people, going to the right schools, belonging to the right clubs, looking the right way. I am here to tell you that you can use what you've got to get what you want.

According to the common wisdom, you may not have the advantages you need to get to the top but you can use what you have got to get what you want.

I know this isn't how the psychologists, philosophers and rescue workers think it's supposed to be, but I believe that the struggles of my childhood – all the misery, loneliness and grief – are responsible for my success.

I lost my mother at the age of eleven, failed WAEC three times, failed ICAN final stage examination three times but looking back I am now a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and Entrepreneur per excellence and financially comfortable.

When I stood at the edge of my future, looking toward the uncharted terrain of my career, the skills I learned in childhood were all I had.

My life has proven that what I had was enough.

Merely surviving in my family gave me the skills and the inner knowing that guided my career and my success in life. I built on those early traits through trial and error with the help of Spirit and many teachers as I journeyed through life.

What I did was this: listen and trust my inner voice, envision what I wanted, plan and anticipate the challenges, learn and practice the skills needed to carry out my vision, confidently proceed as the situation develops keep trying different ways to achieve my goals until I succeeded.

And what I learned is this: What’s inside of each of us is powerful enough to help us achieve anything we want.

You’re Good Enough Just as You Are. You are good enough now. You don’t have to wait for anything, anyone or any situation before you can start making a positive change in your life. You don’t have to wait until you get a new job, move to a new house, get a new relationship, or wait until an existing situation improves or hold out for any other reason. The time and place to begin working toward your goals are here and now.

Believe in yourself and hold onto evidence that you are good enough. Think of a compliment you got from someone you respect about your strength.

Hold   onto any time in your life when you felt the approval or support of someone who believed in you. Dive into that feeling of acceptance. Let it sink into your bones. Cherish it as you go forth and deal with the world. You’ll find your interactions much more successful when you have confidence and self-worth.

"Think you can, think you can't; either way, you'll be right."

-- Henry Ford

Trust in Something Bigger than Yourself

Throughout time, people have searched for the meaning of life. Countless religions, philosophies, and books are dedicated to answering that perennial question: What is the meaning of life? Do we enter this world from nothing for a certain number of years and then disappear forever? Is this all there is? Is this sixty, seventy, eighty or ninety or so years on planet earth all there is for us? What are we here to do?

I started discovering the meaning of life early in my childhood. I found that there was something more powerful than what met my eye. I found the power and comfort from a deeper source than the everyday reality; I found the power of Spirit.

What Spirit means to you may vary from what it means to me. The key to tapping into that sense of peace and wisdom is to trust that you are part of a bigger picture. You are not just a bobbing cork in a stormy ocean. You have a reason for being on earth and you have a mission and purpose. You are unique and have a gift for the world that only you can share. No other person can be you.

Follow Your Passion and be Flexible

Once you find your passion, follow it. But be alert to the feedback you are getting. Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linuxs system, the phenomenally successful operating system, started Linux as a personal passion to improve on the existing operating systems.

But Linus was not fixated on exactly what the new system was going to be like. In fact, he offered his work free on the Internet so that others could add their input and modify what he was creating. What resulted was a system that is constantly evolving and is used by millions of people in the world. Today Linux is still growing and developing and Linus is a legend in the computer world.

In Torvalds’ book, Just For Fun, The Story of An Accidental Revolutionary, he speaks about how his passion was so consuming that he didn’t care about anything else. Food, sleep and social interactions were all secondary. He worked

Diligently for years and also benefited from others’ wisdom and expertise. In the end he succeeded, and in the process he also acquired fame and fortune beyond his wildest dreams.

Torvalds followed his passion but remained flexible and open. It is the best way to fulfill your dreams.

Hold firmly onto the inside insights that I’ve listed below to get what you want:

  1. You’re Good Enough Just as You Are.
  2. Believe in yourself and hold onto evidence that you are good enough.
  3. Trust in Something Bigger than Yourself
  4. Follow your Passion
  5. Pursue Your Passion and be Flexible

As you can see you don’t have to conform to the common wisdom to get what you want. Many successful people have

Achieved more with less.

I love to end my articles with real life situation, recently I escorted a friend of mine having an MBA examination in one of the NOUN centers in Nigeria to her examination center. Something caught my attention, I saw a man in his early forties keeping bags for students during examination period because students are not allowed to enter examination hall with their bags, he gives them a plastic ID and keep their bags or phones for a token of N100.00. After I interviewed  the man who makes between N50,000.00 to N60,000 per day and the examination span through 30 days making a total of N1,500,000.00 or N1,800,000.00 as the case may be. His goal is to buy a car that he will use as Airport shuttle, with this he has used what he has to get what he want.

To others the rod in Moses hand is just a rod, but to Moses it can turn to a serpent.

To others that neat two bed room flat is just an abode but to my son’s Nanny is a crèche where she makes N120, 000.00 monthly.

To others that phone in your hand is just a phone but I know of a woman who teaches 400 women how to make different soup for a token of N500.00 on every Wednesday via whatsapp totaling N20, 000.00 weekly.

Why can’t you convert your friends on face book to a money channel, those 25,000 followers of yours on instagram to a money machine?

Getting rich staying rich is a matter of choice use what you have to get what you want.

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