Need For Financial Planning On Your Journey To Financial Freedom

Have you ever wondered how people who gets meager salary like teachers, clerks and others attain financial freedom while people working in high profile companies with fantastic salaries struggle with their finances. They struggle on how to make ends meet. Why do some people work hard and end up broke while others exert far less effort and make millions?

The answer to this is that winners have a plan based on proven principles and take persistent action to realize their goals.

This might sounds too simple and probably not attractive, but that is the only thing that works constantly in practice. Trust me, this is the only path that guarantees financial success, every other requires luck.

If you want Financial freedom in this lifetime with a high degree of certainty then there is no substitute for designing a plan where you set goals, take consistent action, and practice daily habits that lead to wealth.

For most people financial freedom is not the result of learning the latest investment technique at an over-priced weekend seminar, discovering unknown secrets, or pursuing other magic pill formulas.

Do you believe there nothing hidden under the sun, the only fact is that you are a few steps far away from discovery.

For you to experience financial freedom you need a personalized financial plan which is the first step on the journey of financial freedom.

If you get this step wrong and much future effort is misplaced and generally wasted. Get it right and your financial goal is virtually assured (as long as you persist with sufficient action).

This is absolutely very simple.

The truth is financial freedom doesn't require genius, special talents, privilege, or luck. Those are all myths.

You only need the 3 Fs of finance which are Financial intelligence or literacy, Financial Plan and Financial discipline.

It is not about working harder: it's about working smarter. It's about focusing all your efforts in an efficient, logical process to produce results. The way you do that is with a structured plan.

The reason your financial plan is such a powerful tool is because it creates clarity, congruency, and consistency in your actions so that you know exactly what financial tasks to accomplish each day, week, and month to reach your goal. No confusion or complication.

No more chasing rainbows. No more  wasted effort. 

In addition, your plan gives you a context for judging all the "bright-shiny-objects" that can distract you. You'll know what fits, what doesn't, and why.

We are all given the same 24 hours in a day but we won't all achieve our financial goals. The difference is the plan.

In short, your financial plan is essential. Without it your financial goals are a rudderless ship spinning in circles with no clear direction. Your results are random.

With a good financial plan, you make steady progress in achieving your financial goals.

Now that you know why your financial plan is the essential starting point, the next few lessons will show you how to create one by providing specific principles and strategies you must include for it to work.

If you fail to include these principles you will be setting yourself up for failure.

As we approach the new year  why not start your financial plan now in order to meet your financial goals for year,2019.


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