Setting Goals is a very Important Habit of the Rich

Successful people are goal-oriented. They create goals all the time. Daily goals are represented in their daily to-do lists. Long-term goals are broad initiatives to be accomplished at specified points. I will set goals for each day, for each month, for each year and for the long-term. I will focus on my goals each and every day.
Successful people are long-term thinkers. They are constantly looking to the future in an effort to determine where they are in terms of accomplishing their goals. They do not dwell on the past – no daydreaming about past
successes or failures. They continuously make course corrections to get back on track in achieving their goals.

Daily Goals
Before beginning each day, compile a Daily Goal/To-do List. List only those things that have a realistic probability (eighty percent chance) of being Completed that day. Prioritize this list and set a specific time in which to Tackle each item. The lower-priority items are those that have a low Probability (bottom twenty percent) of being accomplished that day and can be accomplished the subsequent day. Do this in order to build flexibility into the to-do list and avoid the frustration of failing to accomplish the important tasks set for that day. During the day, mark off each completed task and congratulate yourself in its accomplishment. At the end of the day evaluate the to-do list. This forces accountability to be completed or an article to be written.
EXAMPLE - MONTHLY GOAL NUMBER ONE: I will write five life insurance policies this month. In order to achieve this goal I will need to meet with ten prospects each week for the next four weeks. In order for these
meetings to occur, I will make fifty phone calls each week, which breaks down into ten calls each day.
Goals for the current Year and the Following Year.
Goals for the current year and for the following year represent initiatives that you have some degree of control over achieving. Break down each goal into tasks that need to be accomplished.
EXAMPLE – CURRENT YEAR GOAL NUMBER ONE: I need to get a degree in Logistics this year or enroll for a training in Entrepreneurship in order to manage by business better. In order to reach this goal I will study. I will establish a study plan in which I will study one hour each day during the week and six hours over each weekend. I will review the study material and complete the practice exams.

Long-term Goals
Long-term goals represent broad, far-reaching initiatives. Think of your long-term goals as your “wish list.” Create a plan for accomplishing each goal and include the tasks needed to be accomplished.
EXAMPLE – LONG-TERM GOAL NUMBER ONE: I will buy a house in five years. In order to reach this goal I will save Ten thousand naira per month for the next five years. In order to save  Ten thousand naira per month I will reduce my expenses and deposit two thousand five hundred naira every week  into a separate savings account.
A useful technique to assist in keeping long-term goals in sight is the use of a vision board. A vision board is an actual picture of long-term goals. This may be a picture of the house you desire to buy, a picture of the business you hope to own one day, or a picture of the type of place you hope to retire to one day.
Before he rose to great fame, comedian Jim Carey wrote out a check to himself for twenty million dollars and kept that check in a place where he would see it every day. That check represented a vision board of a long-term goal he desired to achieve one day – to be paid twenty million dollars for a movie. When the opportunity arose for a leading role in a movie, guess what Jim Carey’s demand for compensation was? Twenty million dollars. And he got it!

Successful people set goals and create a plan to reach those goals
For you to get rich and stay rich start setting specific, measurable, result oriented  and realistic goals as from today have daily to do list, monthly, yearly and long term goals.

See you at the top.

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