Small Mind or Big Mind?

Small Minds think of savings, Big Minds think of investments.

Ever heard the words, “Think Big”.  This two-word phrase is quite common in among Business people and we bet you must have heard it at least once. It is the key to define if you have a big mind or a small mind. The difference between big minds and “other” people (Small Minds) is a measure of how myopic they are in their thoughts. Big minds take well strategized and calculated risks and are willing to dare. The “others” are typically scared, love to take supposed safe risks and are often myopic in their thoughts.

This drills down to how they both see money.  Small minds often want to keep money but big minds most often see money as a channel to create more wealth. Small minds often like the art of saving as the feel that is the only way they can sustain wealth, Big minds often realize that money is just a channel to create further wealth and hence should not be hoarded or kept in some place where it lies fallow when it can be used for other things that can lead to greater wealth.

The main question is this, “Are you a Small mind or a big mind”? To identify which category you belong answer this quick fire questions.
  1. Do you feel safe saving your money or reinvesting your money?
  2. Do you feel investment is a dangerous game and too risky for you as a person?
  3. Do you feel safer putting your money in an investment pool where someone manages the investment or do you feel comfortable staying at the helm of affairs as they pertain to your invested money?
  4. Do you like to participate in credit & thrift societies and other low risk Savings/Investments?

Money is a channel for creating wealth, while it is a good culture to save money, it is not a wealth-expansion strategy. It is time for you to move away from mediocrity and strive for the ultimate as playing it safe may not always make the cut for you as a business man or business woman. Think Big not Small. Most people don’t think, so if you may as well think then you should “THINK BIG”.

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